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Cover your Textbook contest April 2020

Covid pandemic! An unusual and unique experience phase to mankind! Lockdown and quarantine - an opportunity to explore our hidden talents! And that's what we did, precisely! 


The children of Balagokulam, from Sanatana Ireland were given a challenge of covering their curriculum text books creatively, depicting any concept of Hinduism. 


The children participated enthusiastically and we witnessed high level of artistic, aesthetic  and exquisite submissions. 


We received 14 entries (including a few siblings sharing the books). 

Hindu gods like Hanuman, Ganesha, Adi Shankara, Vishnu, Sarawasthi, Rama etc were artistically hand-drawn, coloured and adorned on their textbooks. 







"Never judge a book by its cover" they say...but the contest was exactly the contradictory in literal terms. The books were indeed judged by it's cover and prizes were awarded to those who won the prizes.  Revered Swamijis of Eire Vedanta Society - Swami Purnananda ji and Swami Vimokshananda ji graciously agreed to judge the  entries & announced the results via a video message.

Though all the kids are default winners for their creative efforts and sincerity, the following were chosen unanimously by the Swamijis: 


1st Place - Nidhi & Aditi

 2nd place - Neha Kishore

 3rd Place - Ruhika Padamati Complimentary : Joshika 

Special mention to Advaith & Aadhya


Kudos to all the kids for their creativity and our heartfelt gratitude to all the parents for making this happen!

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