Indian Classical Music concert by renowned carnatic Vocalist Shri. Vishnudev Namboothri
He will be accompanied by VVS Murari on Violin and Triuvandrum Balaji on Mirudangam (Percussion). 

Vishnudev Namboothiri is a young Carnatic vocalist who has been giving several concert performances in various sabhas and temples in India and the US since his debut concert at Guruvayur Temple in the year 2002. Vishnudev initially trained under Smt. Alli Harivishnu and Smt. Kavitha Shibu. He has also recieved advanced training from Sri.Chandramana Narayanan Namboothiri and Sri.Neyveli Santhanagopalan, and currently undergoes expert training with Sri. P.S.Narayanaswamy.

Vishnudev is an accomplished and talented artist with many accolades. He is an "A Grade" artist of All India Radio, Trichur, Jaya TV Carnatic Music Idol winner in 2012, 1st prize in All India Radio Music Competition for Carnatic Music - Vocal in 2003, 1st prize in the HCL Concert Series Music Academy 2012, attained Kanchi Kamakoti Asthana Vidwan in 2011, and much more. His music has traditional beauty and is very innovative at the same time.

Violin : VVS Murari
VVS Murari, son & disciple of violin Maestro Sri VV Subrahmanyam is a dynamic and a contemporary violinist with an uncompromising adherence to perfection, traditionalism and discipline.

He is a contemporary artist with an uncompromising adherence to perfection, tradition, and discipline. He owns a charm of having seasoned his talent by accompanying his father for many prestigious concerts with privileged opportunities of sharing concert stages with maestros at an age. Murari’s uniqueness is explicit in his lucid raga essaying which softly penetrate into the souls of the listeners. 

Mridangam : V Balaji
Balaji, had his initial training under late Sri B. Doraiswamy of Trivandrum, Sri K.Krishna Iyengar of Trivandrum, Trivandrum Sri R. Vaidyanathan and later had his tutelage under the legendary Vidwan Padmasri Sangeetha Kalanidhi Palghat Sri R. Raghu. He has the privilege of accompanying various leading stars in the Carnatic Music Industry like, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr. Sri N.Ramani, Sangitha Kalandhi Sri T.V.Sakaranarayanan, Sri.O.S.Thiagarajan and others. He is presently an ‘A' Grade artist in The All India Radio, Chennai. Apart from accompanying Carnatic artists, he is also a much sought-after Mridangist in the Cinema Industry and has worked with famous music directors like Mr. Vidyasagar, Mr. Deva, Mr. Haris Jayaraj and others. 

Best Mridangist award is something fond of Balaji. He has received awards from various prestigeous Organizations including,The Sangeet Natak Academy Yuva Puuraskar(BIMILLAH KHAN YUVA PURASKAR)for the year 2009 

This year The Kanchi Kamakoti matam has conferred THE ASTHANA VIDWAN TITLE on Balaji. The All India Radio (1995), Music Academy (2004), The Sri Krishna Gana Sabha (2000), The Chembai Trust Young Musician award (2004), Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer trust award (2006), The Swathi Thirunal Sangeetha Sabha (2002) to name a few. He won the NTSC scholarship organized by The Government of India in the year 1995. Trivandrum.V.Balaji commands high respect for his dexterity in technique and his uncanny command over the instrument and the underlying intricacies of Rhythm (Laya), which have won him high praise and laurels. His Mridangam artistry is embellished by the virtues that stem from temperament, poise and fine musical awareness. He has a distinct style of his own.

Date : June 5th 2017 (Monday)


TIME 6 TO 8.30 pm