Daily Thought & Prayer (May 25th 2021)

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Am I stout, fair, thin or tall

If I change my style of hair?

Or the fashion clothes I wear?

Will this improve an image me?

Enhance possession bodily?

I, bound by mine so limited

Haunting me in muddled head

Dogged thus by darkness clung

That thwarts real air of freedom

Try as I might to resist and shake

Ego’s stronger the more I wake

Combat, curse and chase away

Will not keep “I” shadow at bay

Boldly walk toward sun’s face

Shadow behind at leisurely pace

Free of ideas of “I” and “mine”

Free soul lives for humankind


O! Lord! Grant that I may learn to see these shadows for what they are in the shadow world and trustingly turn my face to Thee as flowers turn their face to the sun. Let me not resist evil but look on Thee alone.

Swami Purnananda

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