May 26, 2021 || Daily Thought & Prayer || Buddha Jayanti

The Daily thoughts and Prayers are the intellectual property of Eire Vendanta Society (EVS), Ireland. Sanatana Ireland has obtained explicit approval from EVS to Share this material in our website for the benefit of our patrons.


A noble prince was born this day

Foretold by an auspicious dream

The garden in which he came to be

Was symbol of his luxury

His future greatness as a king

Was challenged by his destiny

Flaws removed or screened away

And every ill was kept at bay

Every wish was his to make

Three palaces for him to take

Fine princess in a contest won

And they had a fine young son

Ready to rule beyond the gates

Channa bring fine chariot drawn!

Four told things they could not hide

Sickness, old age, death outside

Why does this man look so strange?

Bodies suffer because they change

Why is this toothless man so bent?

His youthfulness has all been spent

Where do they take this sleeping man?

Death comes to all, we know not when

Who is beggar with keen sharp look?

Searching for truth and life forsook

Resolving strong the truth to find

He left his palace life behind

Farewell to dear ones lying there

In forest soon cut off his hair

No compass, map or scripture read

Eschewing tortuous austerities

He found compassionate middle way

In which mind can in calmness stay

On just one hand four fingers tell

That suffering can be managed well

Eight fingers held will simply say

Change the direction, here’s the way


O Lord Gautama Siddhartha who came blazing forth as the Enlightened One. Grant us Your simplicity and compassion

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